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Vacant 12 Acre Parcel Near Spider Lake

12 ACRES!!  Close to the lakes and trails - Outbuildings allowed.

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Thank you for your interest.  Cottages North offers professional vacation and residential home management services in Traverse City and Northern Michigan.    The owners of Cottages North personally own many rental properties and understand how important it is to have your property properly managed to maximize income, while reducing wear and tear.

At Cottages North, we offer flexible terms.  We can offer turnkey management or just assist with booking your property.  There are no minimum weeks that you are required to offer and no start up fees.  We want you to feel free to use your property as often as possible.

Turnkey management services include booking, collecting the funds, coordinating the cleaning and maintenance and ensuring that your property is well maintained.

We also offer limited management services, starting with booking your empty weeks to partial rental management service.  Cottages North will provide whatever services you feel are beneficial to you.

Most people only use their vacation home 4-5 weeks out of the year.  Why not let the remaining weeks pay for many of your costs?  You could even use our services for the typical maintenance and cleaning chores you spend your vacation time on, and have your rental income pay for it.  

We are a smaller company located in downtown Traverse City and offer personalized service with great attention to detail.


Why Hire Cottages North?

  • Your cottage is sitting empty 46 out of 52 weeks, costing money and requiring upkeep.
  • You are getting tired of spending your valuable vacation time doing yard work, maintenance and cleaning when your management company could handle those tasks. 
  • Taxes, insurance, upkeep and everything else is making it tough to enjoy your beautiful property.  Why not have us generate some revenue to pay for these items and assist with the ongoing maintenance?


Managing your own property - you still could use our help

  • You manage the rental yourself, but actually spend about 200 hours and hundreds of dollars booking, rebooking, calling, emailing, recalling, making sure the deposit did come in, coordinating the cleaning crew, etc.  Your time is valuable and you do not want to give it away.  Are you really saving money?
  • Maybe you just want to unload your vacant weeks or recent cancellations and use our extensive marketing to find you a renter.  For a nominal fee, we will fill your empty weeks while you continue to manage your rental. We will gladly take any vacant weeks and turn them into income for you.


Vacancy Booking

Whether you are a property manager or just manage your own vacation property, let us help you with any vacancies you have.  Due to our extensive marketing campaigns, we end up with more vacation rental requests than we can typically fill.  We will list any openings you have and book interested groups for 15% of the rental fee (minimum fee of $100).

Here is how it works:

  • Email us a picture and brief description for our last minute rental page, or have us permanently list your property on our website if you want us to book any available week.
  • We will promote and market your vacancies and contact you with any interested group.
  • If you agree to accepting the reservation, we will invoice the referral fee.
  • You can also just sign up for our email renter notification network.  When we have a renter that we can't place, we will send out an email to owners.  If it looks like it may work for you, just email back and we will collect the fee and send the information to you.

You have nothing to lose and lots to gain.  Let us market your place with no risk or commitment from you.

Market Your Residential Rental / Find a Renter

You can list your residential rental on our site and let our marketing work for you.  You have two options:

List your rental with Cottages North as the contact.  We will forward potential renters to you.  If you decide to use one of our renters, we will invoice for 1/2 a month's rent.

List your rental with Cottages North with you as the contact.  We will enter the information for a cost of $50 for 6 months.

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